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Environmental Acoustics Laboratory


The Environmental Acoustics Laboratory (LAE) was created on January 1, 2013. It is a merger of the research teams in Acoustics from the LCPC and INRETS, which were created in the 80s. It includes about 15 researchers and technical staff, and receives doctoral and post-doctoral students.

The LAE is a reference laboratory on environmental noise at a national and international level, and contributes to many European and French research projects.



The LAE performs research and developments and drives innovation in its fields of expertise (environmental acoustics), particularly in connection with road transport infrastructures. It intends primarily to provide responses to a major societal issue, aiming at reducing the exposure of citizens to noise, specially in urban areas.

The purposes of the researches driven by the LAE are:

  • to propose methods, software, guides, recommendations for assessing noise impact from road, urban and railway developments, and more widely from every infrastructure generating acoustic nuisance;
  • to develop noise reduction methods and solutions (low noise road surfaces, actions on mobility, noise protection devices in urban areas...).

Research activities

The research activities of the LAE concentrate on the experimental characterization and the modelling of:

  • the physical mechanisms of noise generation (noise from road and railway vehicles, rolling noise, squeal noise...);
  • the physical mechanisms of noise propagation in open spaces, in urban areas and inside buildings.


In addition to the dissemination of new knowledge in scientific journals and on national and international reference congresses, the LAE also communicates and develops its research findings towards professional organizations:

  • by organising technical days
  • by means of teaching and training actions
  • by taking part to professional workshops
  • by disseminating software and databaeis
  • by joining expert and standardization groups...